Don't Wear It Out

This Thing Costs $20.00!

This Thing Costs $20.00!

I just finished the checkout process at for my newest domain name, The plan is to turn into a personal portal or a site which aggregates everything I do online. will also host my personal blog so that I no longer will have to post that type of information on the domain.

This will open the door for me to clean out the content found within and refocus the site. During this domains first year of existence, when I wrote about Web 2.0 startups, did those in-depth reviews while also posting news about icon packs and news in general, it allowed for comments, a nice set of backlinks and most of all, conversation. I’d like to take this opportunity to turn around and give it some focus.

As for myself, I’d love to write about things dealing with the Internet, WordPress, Blogging, Tech, Web 2.0 and news worthy items. But, what is it that you would like to see me write more about?

For those of you that have stuck around since this blog launched, you’ll know first hand that I was a posting machine. Whether someone covered a particular news item or not, you would find it here. I also provided in-depth reviews that the big sites were too busy to create and those received a lot of attention as well. Last but not least, WordPress stuff along with news of Icon Packs were also big hits. Would you like to see this blog go back to the way it was? Or do you have something else in mind?

I love community which is why I am going to either redesign this site or rearrange things to bring back that community atmosphere. Also, since the personal blog will be taken off of the domain, this will give me a chance to play around with advertising as a means of monetization on the site. Many people have told me to place an area on my sidebar for 125X125 images and up until this point, I have refused to do so. Well, the time has come for me to take things up a notch and thus, I’ll be experimenting in the coming months with various advertising methods. Rest assured though that I will never stain my credibility nor will I ever do something unmoral. I truly believe in transparency and so thats what I plan on doing.

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