ScribeFire Reviewed

Well, this would be my second screencast produced out of Camtasia Studio 5 and I’m learning more and more that screencasts are the not the easiest things to create. I’m also trying to learn the magic recording/producing formula which will net me the best results on sites such as Viddler. It sucks to create something that looks so good on my local machine, only to have it look like crap on Viddler. But I think I’m getting closer to the magic bullet.

In any case, Brian asked me about ScribeFire and what it was all about. This screencast aims to answer that question while also providing an in depth review as to what this extension is capable of.

To get the best quality, select the option to watch the video at FullScreen.

11 thoughts on “ScribeFire Reviewed

  1. I used Performancing for a while, but then it broke and I forgot about it. ScribeFire seems like just what I need now, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any other good blog editors that will work on Linux.

    I have been using Windows Live Writer for the last couple of months, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with it. The Flock blog poster is okay, but I need something a bit more feature rich. What else is out there? Is ScribeFire the best?

  2. Scribefire is really versatile; amazing add on (but so are most Firefox and Mozilla things!). Thanks for this review – new to blogging and without much of a clue this is invaluable!

  3. This is a really great screencast. The detail is intense but it’s really useful for actually getting people used to it without installing it.

    Sorry to hear WP-Weekly is no more, I wish I’d come on more often, I’ll definitely miss it in my mp3 player. Hope the new job keeps you well.

  4. Yeah Jeff, it’s been a while! I lurk around your blog a fair bit, usually behind my RSS reader. Yeah, I created RSSless because I wanted to keep the videos I’m embedding from RSS readers just because sometimes they don’t display right. In that same scenario I found That’s what my latest video was made on and it turned out great. I just exported a .mov (on my mac) from my program and uploaded it.

    John Kolberts last blog post..How Add Numbers To Your Comments in 3 Easy Steps [WordPress Tip]

  5. It’s for sure a case by case basis. For instance, NetNewsWire on my Mac doesn’t display embedded videos. All you get is blank content. Feed Demon for PC shows them fine, though. But it could also be used as a way to entice them from your reader to your site, though some readers may not appreciate that. :) I’ve noticed that sites like LifeHacker often do something similiar to this.

    Also, I use a plugin to embed code into my posts and some readers mess up their formatting as well. I think, though, that a lot of feed readers are used to formatting issues and relize it’s because they aren’t in their web browser.

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