Trip To Crocker Park

The other week, me and the lady went to Crocker Park which is a shopping development located in Westlake, Ohio. The stores are lined up on both sides of the street and are accessible by walking outside to each one. I think of this place as an outside mall.

This $480 million project encompasses 12 city blocks and features a mixture of internationally known retail stores, spacious office buildings, great restaurants, luxury apartments, and spectacular homes. It’s all in a park-like setting filled with the captivating charm and bustling energy of a traditional downtown main street.


Check out the rest of the Crocker Park Photoset

4 thoughts on “Trip To Crocker Park

  1. Sierra says:

    :O that kinda sucks, but walking around would be fun :) …theres gotta be some weird characters that hangout around there

  2. Damn Hairy Human says:

    You have shopping in Ohio? I notice the roundabout. Do you have many of those (not the proverbial type) in Ohio? They’ve just started putting some of those around my province.

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