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Well, Christmas may be done and over with but Matt Mullenweg and company are apparently still in a giving mood. Starting today, every registered user of will see their upload space go from 50mb to 3,000mb. This is 60 times more storage than what was offered previously. According to Matt, if you were to get half that amount over at Typepad, you would have to pay at least $300.00 per year. The great thing about this change is that it’s free. No charge to current or future users of

Thanks to the hard work and behind the scenes efforts put forth by the Automattic team, you’ll no longer need to worry about how many kilobytes of data you have left on your storage limit. Also, for those who purchased a storage upgrade in the past to 1GB, that 1GB will be increased to 5GB at no extra charge.

Hows that for a late present?

2 thoughts on “Another Gift For Users

  1. Nahh, I wouldn’t do that. You’d still be shooting yourself in the foot in terms of what you can accomplish on your own with a self hosted WordPress install.

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