Add Buttons To Visual Editor

Adding Custom Icons

Using the visual editor in WordPress when writing a blog post is great. However, don’t you sometimes wish that you could add custom buttons to the editor to perform specific functions that are either lacking or hard to navigate to? There is great news in that, you can add custom buttons to your visual text editor by editing the quicktags.js file. (back this file up before you actually edit anything).

WPCandy has an awesome tutorial online which takes you through the motions of creating and then adding your own custom button to the text editor. For instance, when I want to use the H2 tag, I have to click on the button which brings down the advanced options and then select H2 Heading from the drop down box. Using this tutorial, I have created a button specifically for H2 so I no longer need to browse through the advanced buttons area.

The tutorial is not at all difficult so give it a try. Let me know what sort of options you end up adding to your existing toolbar.

4 thoughts on “Add Buttons To Visual Editor

  1. Thanks for sharing the nice resource. I was able to do further search for quicktags.js and found what I was searching for.

    Just to let you know, the WPCandy page returns a 404 Error. So you might want to update it the updated link when you get a chance, so that its helpful for others.

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