Lion Plus Tiger Equals Liger

I thought this was rather interesting. What do you get, when you cross a tiger and a lion? A Liger, thats what. As described in the video, these cats become larger than their mother and father combined. I’m not sure why a lion would mate with a tiger, but the result is nothing short of enormous. Seems like the Cabella Safari hunter now has a new animal to put in his sites. Check it out.

6 thoughts on “Lion Plus Tiger Equals Liger

  1. Holly crackpants batman! That thing is huge!

    See, what I’m worried about is that eventually they’ll create super humans (Gattaca style).

    However only the rich can afford to create super babies. So it will create an even bigger imbalance between the classes.

  2. @Mike Hmm, if I didn’t know anybody, I’d say you were a fine example of a super baby :)

    But yeah, that feline is huge! Do you think a Liger would be a good pet to guard your house?

  3. @Sierra Hi Sierra. Hope everything is going well for you. Not sure if you’ll see this but your email address keeps giving me BOUNCE ERRORS as if the email can not be sent to your address.

    At any rate, how loud do you think this cats purr is?

  4. Sierra says:

    Bounce errors? I don’t know why :( My gmail account is completely clear right now, heck all my email accounts are completely cear…unless that has nothing to do with it lol…I’m fine lol winter break didn’t go according to plan.
    Lol I’m thinking its got a damn loud purr…and growl…lol. and I’m just like–that thing is huge and this tiny human guy is just standing right next to it like its a friggin house cat…I hope the liger doesn’t go insane otherwise I’m sure that guy’s head wouldn’t even fill up the liger’s mouth…lol

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