8 thoughts on “Blocked In Truck

  1. I’ve heard of the blind leading the blind…maybe because this is for a pub, it’s a case of the drunk leading the drunk?

    Either that or there’s got to be a way to lift the posts out temporarily (like they do for parade routes at Disney) to get the van out.

  2. @Michelle S. Drunk leading the drunk, that was a good one. I don’t know. Looks like those posts are pretty well cemented to the ground. I wonder if the base stays in tact and the rest of the pole can come off, as you said.

  3. @Mark You may be right Mark. I used the measure-it firefox extension and it appears as though the bottom two poles are in fact wider than the truck. However, I really hope they can bend the mirrors of the truck inwards or I hope they are above the tops of the poles.

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