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The time has finally arrived where I will pop my podcasting cherry and produce the first episode of WordPress Weekly. WordPress Weekly will TRY to be a weekly oriented podcast that takes place every Friday evening at 9PM EST on The easiest way I can explain the format of the show is by looking into the TwIT podcast by Leo Laporte. Twit otherwise known as This Week In Tech is a weekly podcast where Leo gathers other tech pundits from around the country to discuss technology news topics of the week.

WordPress Weekly however will be a show where I gather various bloggers who use WordPress as their cornerstone and discuss WordPress related news that took place during the week. Sometimes, the show may stray from the norm and we may cover a particular topic. Other times, we may open the mic and generally talk about anything blogging related. At the end of every show, every guest including the host (ME) gives out a blogging tip for the week. This tip can be a theme, a plugin, a hack, a blog you’ve come across, anything that would be of value to a WordPress user..

I am aiming for a relaxing atmosphere where WordPress Users can gather around for 1 hour every Friday evening and discuss the latest happenings with everything WordPress.

The first episode of WordPress weekly will cover why I and the guest hosts use WordPress. Why we chose WordPress over competing solutions. The floor will be opened on this show which means, we’re liable to discuss just about anything as it relates to WordPress or blogging.

These are the guests that are scheduled or tentatively scheduled to be on the show Friday. Ronald from the Readers Appreciation Project and Brad from Steven Hodson of might be able to make it but so far, he is still not 100% sure.

Listener Participation:

So how can you be a part of the show? Well, there are a number of ways. The easiest way is to create an account on Then, download and install their client software. The Talkshoe software serves as a bridge of communication between the host, and his/her listeners. The software contains a chat room as well as phone number information to call into the show.

However, you do not need to install the software in order to listen to the show live. This Friday at 9PM EST, look on the front page of or click on the LIVE NOW button and look for the WordPress Weekly show. Instead of clicking on the JOIN IN button, click underneath where it says LISTEN ONLY. This will tune you into the live stream.

If you want to call in to the show via telephone, Skype, etc., use your phone to call 724-444-7444 and follow the audio instructions. *Note* In one of the recent updates to Talkshoe, anonymous calling is now supported. This means you can call in and participate without the need to create a Talkshoe account. However, if you have a Talkshoe account, your registered name will show up within the Talkshoe client letting others know who is speaking.

You can also use SIP clients such as ProjectGizmo or X-Lite. For example, when I use X-Lite to dial in, I type in 123@ and then follow the audio directions.

Remember this information as it will be required when you want to dial into the show.

Talkcast Name: WordPress Weekly

Talkcast ID: 34224

Phone Number: 724-444-7444

Show Information:

I can not purchase a seperate domain for the show. So please look to this site for information regarding each and every episode. I’ll also be posting show notes on this blog after every show. Also, starting on Friday, I will be adding the TalkShoe Talkcast player widget to the sidebar of the blog. This allows you to listen to the show right from the front page of the blog. You can also keep tabs on the show and look through the archive if one is ever created by clicking here.

What To Expect:

I have no idea what to expect. I’ve never hosted my own show before so this might turn into a disaster. I’ve been a Talkshoe member for a very long time so it shouldn’t be too bad. I’ve seen other shows experience technical problems so I won’t be surprised if I go through some hardships through the first couple episodes. I’ve always wanted to tinker with this podcasting deal but I needed to find something I could talk about on a weekly basis and I wanted to do it with other people, not just by myself. The first show might be filled with a ton of bloopers, but hey, I’ll be there to have fun and to engage in some good conversations and I hope you’ll join us in one way or another.

23 thoughts on “First Episode Of WordPress Weekly

  1. Wicked Jeff, only one thing.

    Since I don’t know a damn thing about Podcasting, nor do I want to install some third party software, any chance this will be streaming in something I can listen to in Winamp or WMP?

  2. @Mark Actually Mark, you do not need to install the software in order to listen to the show live. This Friday at 9PM EST, look on the front page of or click on the LIVE NOW button and look for the WordPress Weekly show. Instead of clicking on the JOIN IN button, click underneath where it says LISTEN ONLY. This will tune you into the live stream.

    I think the player is based on Javascript so if that is enabled in your browser, it should do the trick.

  3. Looking forward to it! I might even stream the broadcoast on, but I’m not sure how to stream in everyones audio, only mine. If I can figure that part out I will stream it over

  4. @Brad It might work if you can somehow stream the Talkshoe audio feed onto Ustream, which would solve the problem of streaming more than just your voice.

    @Andrew Thanks Andrew. I checked out your own blog and I see you’ve been using WordPress for awhile now as well. You’re more than welcome to come on the show.

  5. Sierra says:

    sounds interesting!…if I get the chance I’ll have to listen in on it :) lol…I just have to remember you are an hour ahead of me >_< lol

  6. Jeff Good to see mate. Shame about using TalkShoe – the most busted arse piece of software known to man. Using Skype and having a set record time – I thinks would have been better. But then that is my opinion.

    Good Luck Mate

  7. @Dave Gray Thanks Dave. I realize there are probably 100 different ways I could of started out, but I am familiar with Talkshoe and I think it wouldn’t so bad to use it as my starting grounds. If this thing turns into a weekly reality and people actually listen to it, then I’ll really think about quality levels and all of that jazz. Until then, I’m going to have fun and test the waters.

  8. Congratulations, Jeff! I’ll try and listen in.

    I’d considered moving The WordPress Podcast to a call-in format, but with the hours I work for my day job people would have to “tune in” (so to speak) in the middle of the night on Saturdays or something.

    And, not to dis Talk Shoe (I really don’t know much about them) but you might consider blogtalkradio instead. I know some of the people there and they seem to have a fine product.

    Good luck, and if you have any questions about podcasting, feel free to contact me.

  9. @Charles Stricklin Oh my, it’s the man himself! Charles welcome to the blog. It’s an honor to speak with you. I’m been a big fan of the WordPress Podcast ever since I discovered it. Love the fancy music in the beginning and I love the content. The problem is, I can’t get enough which is one of the reasons that drove me to do my own show.

    The thirst for WordPress knowledge, news and material is overwhelming. I thought I could fill in the gap in between your episode releases. If I would of known sooner (probably because I didn’t visit the blog) I would of contacted you in regards to the co-host position on the show.

    As for blogtalkradio. I’m not too keen on having assigned times for a show. They have teamed up with Meebo to offer chat but I think the Talkshoe client is a better solution because it’s an all in one type of deal.

    At any rate, love the fact that you stopped by and left a comment.

  10. Heh, the music’s about to change.

    And as far as a co-host… I’m looking for more. Part of the problem with having only 1 co-host is when they’re not available when you want to get an episode done, you have to wait until the next time you have free time and your schedules align. Hence, the weeks without a show.

    That’s why I was (and still am) looking for more co-hosts. Sadly, the next episode and maybe even one after that may have to be solo because I’m nearly certain my ISP is throttling VoIP packets, so every time Jonathan and I have tried to record episode 33 it ends in shambles because he can’t understand what I’m saying or it just sounds terrible.

  11. @Charles Stricklin Man, that sucks. The problems just don’t seem to end. Should I discuss coming onto the show as a co-host via email? I wouldn’t mind at all being a fill in. Problem is, I work 9pm-5am at work and I’m generally only available on Fridays or during the early afternoon any other day.

    Oh and by the way Charles, when I discovered the WordPress Podcast blog, I signed up for the newsletter. Ever since then, I have not received one email. Tonight, I tried to sign up again as I couldn’t remember if I did or not and the form told me I already registered and confirmed my email address. Have you sent out any newsletter emails or are they just not reaching me?

  12. I’d love to discuss further any involvement via e-mail. I work a lot during the week too, so sometimes Friday nights, Saturdays and Sunday afternoons are the only time I’m available. Other times, I have days off or… well… you get the idea.

    I’ve been really terrible about keeping up with the newsletter. I think in all I’ve only gotten 3 or 4 or them out. I’m beginning to think I need to hire a virtual personal assistant or just get one of the fans to take it over.

  13. @John Kolbert Thanks John. And don’t worry, soon enough you’ll be on the show :) Will be interesting to see how this first episode goes.

    To tell you the truth, I’m feeling a bit nervous lol

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