Forum Is Now Open For Business


Well, I have finally buckled and have gone ahead and installed the opensource forum software, PHPBB. I’ve been a fan of PHPBB for a very long time and I decided to give RC7 a try as well as checking out all of the cool new stuff that’s made it into the newest version. The forum software was incredibly easy to install and so far, I am pretty impressed.

I spent my entire weekend working on my own Forum theme and it’s really a work in progress. However, the forum is now ready for user registrations. Within this forum, users can chat about anything from blogging to computer hardware.

I enjoy having conversations with the readers of this blog and I feel that by having a forum, the conversation can be started by you or me and gives me even more of a chance to discuss various topics of interest that don’t necessarily equate into blog posts.

I highly encourage you to head on over to the forums right now and create yourself an account and begin to engage yourself within the community this site has started to build. You can check out the forums by clicking here or click on the FORUM link at the top of this website. Please provide me with your feedback.

7 thoughts on “Forum Is Now Open For Business

  1. Good work mate. I’ll join once I stop being capped and it takes less than 5 minutes to load a page.

    Just as a heads up, I had PHPBB on my site a while ago just for friends to post random things.

    I didn’t use it for a little while, and when I went back into it, it was hacked. The main site was replaced by some bu**shit from some Turkish hackers.

    I didn’t use the forum much… but the fact that they hacked it for no reason really pissed me off…

    EDIT: I only noticed the countdown to edit the comment now. Is it new, or have I missed it until now?

  2. @MikeThanks Mike, look forward to seeing you in there. The worst part about a forum is getting it going.

    I’ve used PHPBB in the past and as long as you keep it up to date, generally you’ll be safe. I’ve also been listening to the PHPBBWeekly podcast which every now and then contains a few team members and they themselves know of the reputation PHPBB 2 gave them in terms of security. They don’t want that to happen again and have put so much effort into making sure PHPBB3 is as secure as can be, before being released into the public. So I’m pretty confident in using PHPBB this time around.

    By the way, that’s the DIGG LIKE COMMENT EDITOR at work. It’s been installed on this blog for quite a while.

  3. Sierra says:

    gah! I want to play in the forum–but no one else is playing >__< lol

    btw–the forum is very pretty, well not pretty I guess…but very clean and crisp looking compared to others I’ve been in lol

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