WordPress 2.3.1 Ready For Download

WordPress LogoWordPress 2.3.1 has been released for download. The latest version contains bug and security fixes. According to WordPress.org, 2.3.1 contains over twenty bug fixes. Some of the fixes that are highlighted in this release are as follows: Tagging support for Windows Live Writer , Fixes for a login bug that affected those with a Blog Address different than their WordPress Address, Faster taxonomy database queries, especially tag intersection queries and Link importer fixes.

Unfortunately, some security issues were found in 2.3. Janek Vind found an XSS problem that can be exploited if your php setup has register_globals enabled. For this reason, upgrading to 2.3.1 is advised.

The full set of changes between 2.3 and 2.3.1 is available for viewing on trac.

Get 2.3.1 from the download page and enjoy.

I’ll be upgrading this site later tonight and will let you know how it went. If you upgrade this evening, let us know how it goes.

3 thoughts on “WordPress 2.3.1 Ready For Download

  1. I went ahead and upgraded tonight. I have not found any problems yet. Nice to have this out so quickly. I had a client that had the login bug on their blog and we had to roll them back after trying to upgrade.

  2. I’ve gone ahead and performed the upgrade. I had to change the google blogsearch incoming links area back to Technorati again. I think I’ll have to do this each time I upgrade wordpress :(

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