Tumblr Awakes From Its Slumbr

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Back in August, I wrote an article that speculated the fact that Tumblr may have been on its way out (Is Tumblr Dead?) but apparently, November 1st will be a big day for both Tumblr, and its users. According to Mark Rizzn on MashableTumblepedia has been updated to describe new features, optimizations and bug fixes.

Looks like Tumblr is still alive and kicking. Hopefully, Tumblr will add all sorts of features that make this service just shy of being a killer.

3 thoughts on “Tumblr Awakes From Its Slumbr

  1. This is excellent news. I was worried that tumblr may have quietly died in the night and that it was just a matter of time before the neighbours complained about the smell…

    Vive la tumblr, I say. It’s a great concept.

  2. Yeah, well I’ll believe that when I see it lol. Tumblr’s slumbr has been lasting for months and they are totally unresponsive. If they do awake, it would be nice to see the following issues fixed:

    (1) defective feeds that suddenly die or grow idle for no reason when the same RSS is working fine elswehere (and, of course, no explanation offered);

    (2) no built-in search;

    (3) no import/export/backup, with the API not working either, meaning if the slumr turns into death, you’re left stuck in there….

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