What Do You Want?

Its time I asked you, the readers what is it you would like to see written about on this website? For the most part, I write short news blurbs, lengthy reviews, post videos that are related to my niche along with some comedic relief. Out of all of the content that I write on this blog, which pieces of writing are the most valuable to you?

Would you rather I discontinue writing short news blurbs as their are 1,000,000 other sites out their that do the same thing, or would you like me to continue writing those? What about the reviews? My reviews are generally in-depth and contain quite a bit of information. Would you like to see me write more or less of those reviews?

What about the topics I write about? Would you like to continue to see posts dealing with free icon sets that are available, online generators, WordPress news or bits of software?

Perhaps I should turn this entire domain into a forum? That way, everyone who joins in the community can take an active role in creating and continuing discussions?

These are just some of the questions that are on my mind that I would love to hear you guys and gals answer.

5 thoughts on “What Do You Want?

  1. When I come to visit Jeffro2pt0, I expect to see you writing about stuff you care about, and putting your opinion into the stuff you write. I love your reviews, and your feature articles.

    The news, ah hell, you and I both know that more than likely the same people who are subscribed to your blog is subscribed to another blog that gets that information faster. I have RARELY read any of the news stories on your blog.

    I would only write a news story if it was of my own research, EXTREMELY important (that people would not mind reading about), or a news story which I write about and throw in my thoughts and opinions. Otherwise, forget about the rest.

    For your entire news category, I just went through a few of the pages and found it to be the least appealing part of your site. It doesn’t really add any value to your site. Just like I highly doubt it would add any value to my site even though I want to focus about tech news in the future when I can justify doing it. Until I have companies coming to me to break stories and such, there is no point.

    I try my best spending time writing original stuff.

    Original content is what people want in general, and unfortunately the blogosphere is getting cluttered with the same crap repeated over and over.

    I think bloggers like you and I need to distance ourselves from that to stand out in the crowd.

    So yeah, that is my thoughts on the whole thing. Keep up the great content!

  2. I love your site, I also enjoy reading your feeds. To build upon previous poster original content is what we seek and you may not have original content but we value your opinion.
    I have several sites of my own, neither which I have put the required time into, so they are more of “portals” for me to get my information, just wish i had the time to add the personal touch.

  3. @James You said it James, not me. But let me tell you, as I thought about the content that I publish for the news category and after reviewing my feeds, I began to think that I was becoming one of those bloggers who regurgitate information.

    Those types of bloggers suck unless they add a valued opinion or dissect the news to tell you what it REALLY MEANS. I feel pretty relieved now that you feel the same way I do in regards to this subject.

    Fact of the matter is, it is a waste of time to post news related to web 2.0 sites and services as 1,000 other blogs and sites will have done it before I have and my site stands no chance against those folks unless your the author behind the UNCOV blog :)

    I think what I am going to end up doing is changing the way I blog. I’m going to start writing blog posts that I feel are worth my time in writing about instead of throwing posts together and publishing them just for the sake of having something published for the day.

    I’m going to start using this blog to write about things that I find interesting instead of trying to become the next ReadWrite/Web or TechCrunch.

    Thanks James for your valuable feedback, I really appreciate it.

    @Justing Thank you sir for the very kind words. It is comments like that, that really inspire a blogger to keep on blogging! I will continue to work on the part of Original Content. Original Content is what sets one blogger apart from another.

    I’m just really happy to see that quite a number of people enjoy reading my opinions and my thoughts as well as participating in some engaging discussions around interesting topics.

  4. I like your postings as they are now. Sure most big news stories are covered elsewhere, but I like reading your spin on them. I read big blogs for the facts, but I read smaller blogs for opinions.

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