Web 2.0 Badge Generator

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It’s still hip to use web 2.0 styled badges. If you have ever wanted your own badge but didn’t think you had the photoshop skills, your in luck. Web20Badges is a web 2.0 styled badge generator with an assortment of templates to choose from. Users can type in the text they want to appear on the badge, select a font from a drop-down list and configure the font size as well as the color. You can even determine the angle in which the text is displayed although, the text never seems to look right with an angle applied. Once you are finished, you can right-click and save the badge to your desktop and then claim it as your own. If you want the ultimate ability to create your own badge without the generator, WEB20Badges does provide the PSD files for most if not all of the badge templates.

Check out some of these examples.

Digg Badge RSS Feed Badge Google Badge Shield Badge

3 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Badge Generator

  1. Oh wait. I thought you made that Google one. :P

    I might add a corny beta logo to my website. No, gamma, taking it one step further.

    Ok, sorry about the double schizophrenic post. :)

  2. LOL, yeah I was thinking of putting the GOOGLE BUY ME one on my site. I was also trying to create a badge and put ZETA on it since no one has ever reached ZETA before.

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