My Website Failed

Website Grader

Thanks to the InstaBloke for this service. It’s called Website Grader. Website Grader uses an algorithm to calculate a final score for a particular domain to determine not only it’s SEO optimization but how marketable the website is.

Because the domain is less than one month old and I have yet to perform the SEO work that will be involved in getting my domain listed higher in the search engines, I have failed the test by receiving 35% or 35/100 for my overall score. This is understandable considering the situation, and I hope that by the end of this month, I can improve this score from 35% to at least 45% which of course is going to require a good bit of work.

To check out why my score is so low click on the following link Report For I encourage you to perform a Website Grader check on your own domain and post your score within the comments area. If your feeling good about your score, post a link to your report.

*UPDATE* After performing a few techniques today, I managed to increase my score from 35% to 54% which accomplishes my goal for the month of June. That was fast!

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