New Version Of Woopra Released

Woopra Logo

Excellent news for all of you lucky enough to be able to use Woopra as your statistical analytics package. The Woopra Client is now up to version This new version contains a number of bug fixes alongside some new features.

One of the reasons which might of taken this client update so long to be released is that, according to John P. the client update works hand in hand with the back end architecture of their servers. In other words, the client update comes out at the same time that their back end undergoes an update.

Three features which become immediately apparent are as follows:

  • The live map view now displays the page that a visitor is reading as they view it.
  • The calendar has been updated to a cool new extremely easy to select slider bar.
  • We’ve added multi-monitor support to the full screen live map.

New Woopra Calendar

Despite the new features and the bug fixes contained within this release, is considered a minor release with a major version scheduled to be released within the next three weeks or so. Also worthy of mentioning is that all users who have been waiting to be approved should be approved by tomorrow evening. After the approvals, Woopra will have a testing base of over 20,000 users. That is 20,000 users which didn’t exist over 2 months ago.