Looking Towards The West


A beautiful Fall evening where the colors of the sky match those of corn stalks and pumpkins signaling the presence of Autumn. Looking towards the West while sipping a glass of Witches Brew wine. Just the right amount of spices to make it a perfect fit for this occasion.

While looking towards the West, it’s an opportunity to breathe the Autumn air, collecting my thoughts as the days don’t usually provide an opportunity to digest information. Two ducks or geese fly high across the sky from West to East and I wonder, which field or pond will they land in. Not that it matters, but curiosity is a thing of beauty at times.

Just as I finish the last sip of wine, Mr. asshole drives down the street with music blaring with the bass turned to high. This person ruins the moment of peace as I think of ways to put a tire blowout strip in the street without being caught.

Once the car passes, I can go back to my moment but the moment is gone. Time to go inside because I’m cold and the wine glass is empty.