JiWire Wins Skype Mashup Cup 07

Skype.com LogoJiWire HotSpot finder has won the U.S. Skype Mashup Cup for 2007. This Skype addon lets users locate WiFi hotspots from anywhere in the world.

JiWire In Action

Through Skype, JiWire searches over 140,000 hotspots spread out amongst 134 countries. Supposedly the largest database of hotspots in the world. JiWire searches for both paid and free hotspots and also gives users the ability to search by location such as a city name, zip code or by using a specific keyword. What will likely become the most used feature is the ‘Find Me‘ button. This will find WiFi hotspots in and around your current location.

To give this Skype addon a try, visit The Skype Extras Page