Jeffro2pt0 Invading Your WordPress Dashboard


For those wondering, if you were wondering at all, I am the same Jeffro2pt0 that wrote the post, “Technorati Lacks Authority” which is published on the WeblogToolsCollection Website. This website is one of the premiere WordPress material related blogs that show up in a WordPress user’s administration panel. We are talking about a big audience here.

Let me say that, writing this first post on WLTC has been an eye opening experience. I’ve already learned that first, since it’s not my blog I’m publishing on, it’s Mark Ghosh’s, I have to ensure that the post I write makes complete sense and is backed up by factual statements or statistics. Secondly, dealing with a big audience is a task all of it’s own. When I wrote the post, I tried to make it come across as the way I was thinking about it. Undoubtedly, it didn’t come across with the same meaning to everyone. Some people took the post one way, while others took it in another. I’ve had to go in and correct things in the article and I’ve also had to defend or re-explain my stance on the issue. As you know, I’m one of those people who has to respond back to just about everyone who comments. Unlike many other blog authors, I can’t let the conversation die, I have to keep it going!

I’m not a journalist, I’m not a reporter, I don’t know how you would classify citizen journalism or citizen media but if someone asks, I tell them that I’m just a blogger. I write things how I see them. If I’m wrong, I’m hoping that someone will step up and correct me in the form of a polite comment. That way I learn what I did wrong, and the article is that much more accurate.

At any rate, the post on is one of what I think might be many posts, depending upon how many fires I start. I have to thank Mark Ghosh for giving me the opportunity to blog in front of a WIDE audience. I’d appreciate it if you guys would send me an email sometime or leave a comment letting me know what you think of the articles I write over there. I don’t know how you would feel in my position, but I look at it as an honor to write for an established site such as You just don’t get those sort of opportunities every day.