What I’m Really Thinking During Car Commercials

I’ve watched my share of car commercials and I wonder if there’s a job title where someone travels around to find the perfect location to shoot a commercial. I think that would be a cool job to have. There must be since so many of them have what seems like the perfect setting to sell a car. Empty streets in a downtown city, tight curves surrounding a hill, or a perfect tree-lined street.

Since I can’t afford the vehicles they put in my face, I pay more attention to the surroundings of the vehicle being advertised. I wonder what it’s like to see the landscape where the commercial was filmed. I’ve never driven down a perfect looking, tree-lined street, something I’d love to do. Secondly, I wonder what it’s like to live on such a street.

In commercials where neighbors are looking across the street at a fancy car, I wonder what the property taxes are for the nice house they’re walking into. What’s it like to live in a such a nice home, I may never know but these people in the commercial supposedly do. The lawn is so precise and green, it must be nice.

Sometimes I wonder what it took to set up a particular shot for the vehicle. A dark room, shiny floors, bright lights, etc. Sounds pretty easy compared to locating a physical location to film the vehicle doing cool stuff. I always get a good laugh when at the end, the text shows over $500 a month for payments. I mean, WTF.

Have any of you actually purchased or leased a vehicle based on seeing commercials for it? Do they work? Hell, I spend more time thinking and looking at the environment surrounding the vehicle versus the vehicle itself. I’m pretty sure I’m not their target market.

Can I just have a cool looking ice cream truck with 90s tunes blasting from it?