How I Use The Web

Steve Spalding of HowToSplitAnAtom has posted a blogging challenge for anyone interested. The challenge consists of answering a few questions that revolve around the use of the web. The questions are, How do you use the web? How do people around you use the web and what do you feel is the next big step in web development?

How do you use the web?

I decided to take this opportunity to explain how I use the web. I look at the web as a giant swiss army knife. Not one single tool, but a series of tools. I am online and actively using the internet more than 40 hours a week. As I continue to evolve as an adult, my usage of the internet differs. About 2-3 years ago, I used the internet primarily for online gaming. I actively participated in online forums related to Battlefield2 and put in quite a bit of effort into the team I was apart of. I also used the internet as a means of starting an online business that revolved around Teamspeak/Ventrilo and WebHosting. Don’t ask me how the business turned out because it only lasted from 2004-2006 and I’m still trying to acquire funds from the work I put into it, but that is an entirely different story.

Later on, my interests changed and I began to use the internet as a publishing platform in the form of blogging. Blogging was cool because I was able to publish my thoughts and develop relationships with people I otherwise would have never of met in the real world. I’m still blogging to this day and I’m beginning to use the internet as a way to promote my brand. That brand being myself.

How do people around you use the web?

When I ask those around me what it is they do while online, the answer I receive the most is entertainment. This entertainment comes in the form of YouTube, emails, jokes, and more. The younger crowd, (24 and under) tells me about the use of Twitter and social networking. Older folks tell me they use the web as a way to dive into history, or primarily as a means of knowledge. These people are the ones who hang around wikipedia and anytime they are asked a question, there response is “Google It“.

What do you feel is the next big step in web development?

Good question. I’m not a web developer so I have no idea. However, I believe the move towards making things as simple as possible via Web based GUI’s will continue to evolve so that, your average joe will be able to accomplish things that an average of above average developer could achieve.

If you would like to participate in the blogging challenge, head on over to HowToSplitAnAtom and jot down the questions, then follow Steve’s directions.