WordPress 2.3 And Fantastico

WordPress Fantastico Script

I’ve noticed that this site is receiving quite a bit of search engine traffic from people looking for information in regards to WordPress 2.3 and Fantastico. Fantastico is an auto installer for popular scripts such as content management systems, forums and the like. WordPress is one of the scripts supported by Fantastico that will auto install if you choose to go that route however, your then left at the mercy of Netenberg. Until Netenberg updates the Fantastico auto installer to include the upgrade to 2.3, your stuck at 2.2.

The image displayed up above is from Fantastico through my own webhosting account. It’s been three weeks since the release of 2.3 but I imagine its taking them some time as WordPress 2.3 was a major upgrade and Fantastico is wildly popular. Most webhosting providers use CPANEL as their user control panel verse any other control panel.

According to their official forum, WordPress 2.3 support will be part of their next release. So hang in there!

WordPress 2.2.2 Released

WordPress LogoJust wanted to pass along that WordPress 2.2.2 was released the other day. This release includes only security and minor bug fixes so they should not cause any plugin or theme compatibility issues, so you have no good excuse not to upgrade.


Click here to see the list of bugs and security upgrades that took place. One of these fixes was a CROSS SITE SCRIPTING Vulnerability. These things are popping up all over the place.

Download the latest update here