I’m Not In The Cult Of Mac

I’ve had the privilege to use a Macbook Pro free of charge for the past few months. Decked out, retina display, the works. I’ve owned an iPhone since the 3GS and it’s been a wonderful device. The Macbook is the first Apple computer I’ve ever owned. I used the opportunity to learn the quirks of the Apple ecosystem. Instead of control C it’s command C. The mouse I tested in the Apple store has one button with no way to right-click. I’ve learned by using the Macbook Pro that it doesn’t improve my productivity at all, it slows it down.

One of the biggest pains in the ass with a retina display is when I take screen captures, the resolution of the image is doubled. What would normally be a 500 pixel wide image on my desktop is a 1,000 pixel wide image on the Macbook. So far, I haven’t found a way to take screen captures in non-retina display resolutions. Speaking of Retina, I don’t see what the big deal is. Things look nice on the screen but they look pretty damn good on my LED monitor as well.

So far, I’ve yet to do anything with the Mac Book Pro that justifies its cost. I’d never be the owner of a Mac Book Pro now that I’ve had the chance to use one the past few months. I’d rather use a decked out 15 inch Windows 7 Home Premium notebook. This way, I could use the same exact programs and workflow I use on my desktop. My mouse would have a right click button and I can go back to using Control-C instead of a command key. I’d be more productive and happier overall.