The Global Geek Podcast Returns

The Global Geek Podcast

My favorite podcast, better known as The Global Geek Podcast is back in action. TGGP consists of two guys in two completely different locations in the world getting together once a week to bring listeners jammed pack shows which are always filled with useful information.

These guys cover everything tech, from Web2.0 blogging, the internet, to product reviews and software, even what they did on the week-end. The Global Geek Podcast sits on it’s own with the quirky attitudes and pithy, humour between the hosts and their content!

Out of the 80 podcasts that I am subscribed to in Itunes, this one is near the top of my list, not only in terms of quality but in the amount of useful information that is presented. The usual show consists of tech news, new applications, new sites and services, and then reader feedback. Every now and then, Dr Evil makes an appearance. You’ll need to listen to a few back episodes to understand who Dr. Evil is.

The language used in the show may be a barrier for some folks but honestly, it’s what makes it funny. Listening to Dave go off on a tangent either on his own, or by keeping Tim or Knightwise in line is hilarious. At any rate, I wanted to commend these two guys for putting on a stellar show every week. It’s tough work, but I have to say the results of each show speak for themselves in terms of the quality and work put into each episode.

I highly suggest you subscribe to The Global Geek Podcast and at least listen to a few episodes. I think you’ll be glad you did. By the way Dave, congratulations on the move and to Tim on getting a new job.

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