Steve Hodson FTW

Note: This is an entry to the blogging challenge of the week created by Perfcast. This week, the challenge was to link to your favorite blogger in a post about why you like their blog or the blogger themselves.

This challenge was an easy one for me because the blogger featured in this post is Steve Hodson. The reasons why I like the guy and his work are pretty simple, he keeps it real. Steve describes himself as a cranky old fart that wanders the internet causing mayhem as he goes. The difference between him and other cranks is that, he his hilarious in the way in which he breaks things down. Just listen to a few archived episodes of the L33t tech news podcast which unfortunately, seems to have bit the dust. While most tech bloggers have their heads a mile up silicon valleys ass, Steve keeps a level headed approach with his opinions and rarely does he ever need a reality check.

His content is thought provoking and WinExtra is one of the few blogs that consistently pushes me to the point of wanting to write an article to either combat or agree with his line of thoughts.

While many people participated in BlogActionDay to raise awareness about Poverty, check out this raw post by Steve which in my opinion, truly showcases Steve’s no BS talents.

At any rate, Steve Hodson is someone I admire and I’ll admit, I’m his number 1 fan unless someone else has already claimed that title. Be sure to check out and read over some of his work. I guarantee you it will at least make you think.