TechCrunch Under A Microscope

The StatBot Logo

TheStatBot has recently published an awesome statistical analysis of Some immediate findings based on the number crunching produced by the bot:

  • Total of 7007 posts….
  • …spread over 1079 days, or just under 3 years
  • …with a total of 1,977,710 words
  • …at an average of 6.5 posts a day
  • …with 282.2 words a post
  • …receiving 228,449 comments
  • …from 56,292 unique commentators
  • …with 18,440 outbound links…
  • to 4641 sites…
  • …at an average of 4 links to every site

The stats cover Jun 2005 all the way through April of 2008. Considering the success that Arrington has turned TechCrunch into, it’s very very interesting to see how it came about in a numerical sense. Judging by the Top Links which were compiled, TechCrunch has a good internal linking strategy going on with Crunchbase being the most linked to site within the posts of TechCrunch.

I also have to hand it to Mike and the crew he has had write for him. According to the numbers, Michael Arrington leads the way in terms of the number of comments left on the site. Duncan Riley who is no longer with TechCrunch came in at number 4. This means that even though there are hundreds of comments made on the blog, Arrington and his writers at least attempted to continue the conversation after the post is published, rather than letting it die off. I’ve always been told that large websites generally ignore commentators, but could TechCrunch be one of the exceptions?

Please let me know what your thoughts are on the stats provided. Did you find anything that was surprising to you?