Twitter Updates Profile Sidebar

Twitter is going through a round of small updates today. One of the most noticeable differences revolves around the sidebar located on the right hand side of the site when your browsing a users profile. The sidebar now looks like this:

Twitter Updates Sidebar

Twitter has taken this oppurtunity to provide users an easily accessible link which allows users to configure their phone or IM client to work with Twitter. The update comes as a surprise to many as the official Twitter blog doesn’t mention any updates that were in store for the Twitter site. I noticed that the ARCHIVE section of my Twitter profile has been inaccessible for about 40 minutes. It makes me wonder if they are changing some things around with that area of the site as well.

Jaiku Launches Channels Feature

Jaiku LogoAs reported by Mashable Jaiku has finally added the ability for users to create their own channels. Users are limited to creating only three channels, with each channel being publicly viewable upon creation.


Channel administrators will be able to give their channel a unique avatar, short description, add feeds to the channel, and will also be able to slightly change the presentation of the channel. In the future, Jaiku users will be able to create private channels, allowing you to communicate with only those people you have invited into your group.

I’m still bummed out by the fact that Jaiku has failed to fix the problem of too many users being displayed on the right hand sidebar when your inside a channel. For instance, try going into the Twit channel and making a quick post, it becomes anything but quick. The sidebar should be handles in a way so that only a maximum of 20-30 people are displayed at one time with the option of seeing more friends. Hopefully this will be in Jaiku’s next update.

Jeffro2pt0 Channel Now On Jaiku

At any rate, I have created a channel on Jaiku called Jeffro2pt0 which will be the focus of discussions related to anything dealing with Web 2.0 If you are a Jaiku user and are interested in Web2.0 please be sure to stop by and join the channel