Google Still At The Top

Neilsen Online has released search share rankings within the U.S. As expected, Google is leading the way with over 4 billion searches. Over half of those searches are shared while 37.9 searches were attributed per searcher. Yahoo! came in 2nd place with 1.2 billion searches, 17.7% of those were shared while there were 22.4 searches per searcher. The lesson here is that Google is till at the top of their game when it comes to search. Especially when you consider, that the figures of Yahoo combined with MSN/Windows Live Search still don’t compare to Google’s numbers.


ProBlogger Interviews SEObook Author LogoDarren Rowse of has published the first of a two part interview he conducted with Aaron Wall, author of the eBook, SEObook. In this interview, Aaron answers questions pertaining to link building strategies. Below is a sample of the interview.

When it comes to building links to a blog – do you recommend bloggers buy links, ‘use’ social media sites, trade links, linkbait, something else…. or some combination of the above?

I say try everything and see what works best for you. You might come across a trick that I haven’t used much that works well for you given your personality and your market.

One other thing I would probably add is that for most people it is probably not going to be worth it to spend tons and tons of time building up a social media account on a large generalist website. If you only have a few hours a day to spend online then you should spend most of that reading and participating on sites specifically about your topic, or writing your site.

Be sure to check out part one of the interview as it contains quite a few helpful tips.