Web 2.0 Search Engine And One Thousand Links

Web 2.0 Search Engine Logo

Web 2.0 Search Engine is exactly what you would think it would be. Use the search engine to search for any Web 2.0 specific terms such as Ajax, mashups, blogging, viral videos, tagging, ect. The web 2.0 search engine even provides their own definition to the term although we all know O’Reilly has that claim. I decided to give this search engine a try and just for fun, I typed in Jeffro2pt0. Unfortunately, there were no results found.

The search engine also provides a link to their top 1,000 web 2.0 sites and services, organized by categories. An insane resource of Web 2.0 goodness, all on one page.

Let me know what you discover by using this search engine.

Spock-People Search Gets Personal


Keywords enable users to search for websites, products, and services. The biggest name in keyword search is Google, but what if you could use a search engine to find and discover actual people? Welcome to Spock.



Spock is a search engine that promises to help users to discover and find new people. Spock currently has over one hundred million people already indexed with millions added each day. Spock is funded by Clearstone Venture Partners, a leading early-stage venture capital firm in the consumer Internet space (Overture, PayPal, NetZero, MP3.com, Internet Brands), and Opus Capital Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm with more than $1 billion in committed capital under management. Spock is still in an Invitation only phase, however, I have three invitations to give out. If anyone wants one please respond in the comments section of this article requesting an invite. Continue reading