CLIQ Updates Reporting Features

I received an email today letting me know that CLIQ has completed the overhaul on their reporting system. The new reporting system focuses on the flow of visitors between blogs and CLIQs. You’ll be able to find the new report page by clicking on the “Who’s CLIQin?” link on the dashboard page.

New Report CLIQin

As you can see, since I’ve installed the widget on this blog, I have had 2,521 views. I’ve sent Brad 2 clicks, he has sent me 1. I have sent Mike 1 click and he has sent me none.

Let’s take a look at who is leading my CLIQ.

who is leading the cliq

Mike is leading the CLIQ with 80 views. Must be those videos he’s been posting. I’m in second place while Brad is currently in third place with 48 views. The views are the number of times that particular headline has been displayed on the widget.

If you are currently managing your CLIQ, be sure to read the mini guide for the reports area. The mini guide gives a good explanation as to what is being reported and what everything means.

As it stands, I currently have my own CLIQ. If your blog covers the topics of SEO, Web 2.0, Blogging or WordPress related material, and your a registered user of, you’re welcome to request an invite to join the group.