Woopra 1.2 RC2 Now Out For Testing

Woopra.com LogoWhile traversing the web, I noticed that Woopra 1.2 RC2 had been released and is now being tested by the public. Mac users on older operating systems who have not been able to use Woopra because of Java 1.5 will be pleased as this new release should fix that issue.

Some other things worth mentioning:

  • The Woopra main dashboard “home” view is improved and will showcase the Woopra Blog and a summary of your websites.
  • Major improvements in speed, stability, CPU performance, and less memory leaks and crashes, with even more efficient code coming your way.
  • Woopra Connection Handling for servers.
  • Ability to add your logo to the Woopra map.

Thank goodness a new version appears to be on the horizon as I have had nothing but trouble with the software since they released 1.1. For example, when I click on the Currently Viewing link, I get a com null redirection error. No idea why that is and it has driven me up the wall. Others have reported the same issue in the forum. Woopra was a blast to use, but ever since 1.1 was released (should of been codenamed party pooper) I’ve opened Woopra less than 3 times a month.

I know quite a lot of you have jumped on the Woopra bandwagon. Have you had a positive experience with 1.1? Did anything break? Has the coolness factor of Woopra disappeared?