The Disposable Webpage

Disposable Webpage LogoHave you ever wanted a temporary webpage? If so, now it’s possible thanks to DisposableWebpage which gives users the opportunity to create a temporary web page that will automatically expire in no more than 90 days. Once the countdown reaches 0, the page is automatically set for disposal. The page stays on the site for 2 more weeks and then is incinerated.

Before you are given the ability to create a page, you first need to obtain a master key. This master key enables you to edit the disposable webpage, create an editor key for friends or colleagues, and set the disposable date of the page.

Each disposable webpage contains the following feature set:

  • disposed within 90 days or less after creation
  • count down clock to show the time to disposal
  • history of revisions from the first edit to the current edition
  • bookmarking facility for readers follow the page
  • rich text editor for editing purposes

The first thing I was required to do when creating my own page was to give the page a title. That was followed up with entering a CAPTCHA security code. Unlike most of the other CAPTCHA security images I’ve seen, this one was pretty tough for me to figure out.

Step One Of Creating My page

After figuring out the security code, Disposable Webpage presented me with my own Login Master Key which is made up of 5 characters. I’m also given a link with a unique identifier which points to my disposable page. If you don’t like the master key that is generated for you, DW provides an option to set your own master key. Near the bottom of the page is a link where I can begin to edit my own disposable page.

Disposable Page Editor

The page editor is your standard text editor with all sorts of bells and whistles such as the ability to add video files, flash file, color coding, undo ect. One annoying thing I found was the lack of tooltip popups, which usually give a short description of what a button in the text editor does. This is very unfriendly in terms of interface design. It’s also worth noting that you are only alloted 15 minutes of editing time per editing session. However, each time you press the save button, the time is reset back to 15 minutes.

Final Thoughts:

The Disposable Webpage has quite a number of good uses. Some of those include short term collaboration, sharing of ideas in one place, can be used as a platform for any number of brainstorming sessions you may have ect. I think the best use of this site would be for those who are holding a conference or expo and need a temporary page to provide information related to the event. You can set a page up with all of the necessary information within 90 days of the event and once you have forgotten about the page, it will automatically be deleted.

Click here to visit my DisposableWebpage.

If you have used DisposableWebpage, why not let us know what your experience was like by leaving a comment below.