Blogging Challenge: A Political Post

Every week, Lorelle offers up a new blogging challenge for anyone that wants to try to improve their blogging skills. This week, the blogging challenge is about writing a political blog post. I don’t discuss politics that much because it’s no where near my area of knowledge but I figured I would make at least one political post that explains my stance. If this entire post seems like a giant rant, I’m sorry. But this is how I feel.

Going through high school, American Government was a class that I needed to take in order for me to graduate. It was the most boring class I have ever had the privilege of taking. None of the course material dealt with current day issues. Instead, it was mostly about court cases and things that happened in the past. Hell, I didn’t even manage to learn what the difference is between a Republican and a Democrat which I’ve managed to do on my own. They are both political lesbians that do nothing but catfight as their constituents are screwed in the process. I understand that the country is built upon a two party system, but whatever happened to WE THE PEOPLE? Too many times I’ve seen politicians place their party above what’s good for America.

Politics Suck

I constantly feel as if the United States Of America is slowly imploding. The only things people care about now a days are abortions, homosexuality, gay marriages, brittney spears, and paris hilton. I simply don’t understand why this is. At any rate, I have yet to hear any candidate discuss the issue of the American People being taxed to death. It would be nice to hear a representative of congress discuss the issue of the Income Tax and if it is actually against the law or not. Take poll numbers for what they are worth but they have consistently shown that the American people have lost faith in congress. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, we always end up being screwed and in no better shape than before.

Another problem I see in the great US of A is that the American people do not hold politicians accountable for their actions. Candidates do a lot of talking. When they reach that position of power, theres not a whole lot of action. We need to start asking elected officials why they haven’t kept their word. They say all sorts of things to get in office, then they don’t do a damn thing.

I think the fact that the majority of Americans don’t trust their own government speaks volumes. I wish a young, fresh, face without any political family ties or background would come in and provide a refreshing overhaul of the government and associated congress. Give Americans a different perspective. Unfortunately, greed, corporate ties, and corruption will keep this from ever happening.

To wrap up this entirely pointless rant, I don’t get involved with politics because it’s nothing but a giant mess that not even a mop the size of Texas would be able to clean up. I hate the fact that you have to swing one way or the other when all that matters is the American people. I do exercise my right to vote, but it’s getting tougher and tougher to go to the polls to vote someone else into office that will keep running the country deeper into the ground. So all in all, Politics suck!