Rock Me Rock You

Did you get a chance to check out the RockMe music festival playing live at yet? The first three days were a huge success. We jammed out with…

  • Rose Hill Drive’s Jake Sproul, chatting live with fans
  • The premier of a Rose Hill Drive performance filmed during a tour with The Who
  • CTO, Tom Conrad
  • Rose Hill Drive manager Brian Schwartz
  • Jambase’s Dean Herman
  • The New Pornographers’s Todd Fancey
  • Rotary Downs’s Zack
  • Daily activities with The Fiery Furnaces, The Jeffrey Lewis Band, Gosling and The Willowz…

Want to help us rock the final day of the festival? Scalp your concert tickets on eBay because all you need is your computer and this code (your specific code I provided) to catch all of the action. Insert the code directly into a post or the sidebar of your blog, try it out and let us know what you think.

Today, the festival ends with a live webcast of Rose Hill Drive’s performance at the Fox Theatre, a surf through Me.dium with rock music legend, J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.

Internet Radio Day Of Silence

Day Of Silence For Internet RadioReadWriteWeb is reporting that beginning tomorrow June 26, 2007, thousands of webmasters who operate online radio stations will observe a day of silence to protest the rate increase of 0.012 cents per song, per listener, from the current 0.007 cents rate.

Sites such as Live365, Pandora, SHOUTcast, Rhapsody and many more will be participating in the day of silence. It looks like Last.FM won’t be participating, and I think it’s recent acquisition by CBS may be the reason why.

Personally, I think this is the equivalent of Americans refusing to purchase gasoline for a day. It looks like it could work on paper, but in reality, it is a lost cause. I do think however, that giving users a taste of what it might be like without net radio may actually tip some users over the fence and actually get them off their butts to call their local representative, however, in most cases, I don’t see this blackout as having any major effect to what may be coming down the pike.

I will truly miss Pandora if it goes under. I’ve only started using it recently and I love it. Now, the big bad record companies are going to take it away from us. What do you think about this situation? Will you take some time out of your day tomorrow to call your representative to try and save internet radio?