Windows Crumpled Into Chrome

Could Google Chrome be the operating system of the future? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s worth noting that the Windows Logo can easily be crumpled into a Google Chrome logo. See for yourself.


The cartoon was created by Federico Fieni. He has a whole assortment of cartoons like this one but they are in Spanish I believe so I can’t figure out what they say. However, the man definitely has some artistic skills.

Disk Streaming

This is the kind of advertising I enjoy. Something cool that shows off what your product can do. This is a video showing off Ardence now known as IntervalZero which is a piece of software used to stream operating systems onto desktop PCs.

I’ve been told via email that this piece of software is not owned by IntervalZero but is instead, Ardence’s software-streaming products have been rebranded and are now part of the Citrix portfolio. IntervalZero, a new company, acquired the former Ardence Embedded business from Citrix in July 2008. IntervalZero does not develop nor do they have rights to Citrix’s software-streaming product.

The music fits in nicely with the video.