Slikstr Is Hiring – Whats Slikstr? has an opening available in their NYC office for a Creative Outreach Director. What that person is in charge of doing is beyond me, but it sounds important. Instead of posting a job opening on, Slikstr has published a YouTube video asking whomever wants to apply to send them a video response which would be their resume. Here ya go.

So what the heck is Slikstr?

Slikstr is the worlds first user created company. They are creating the next generation of Web 2.0 technologies by directly reaching out to their users and basing much of their decision making on “the wisdom of crowds”. They recently closed a first round of private equity funding and they are developing their website for beta testing later this year. The company is headquartered in New York City and is privately held.

Sounds to me like this could be one heck an online Web 2.0 reality show. Here is a YouTube video response from someone who is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, hoping to get the job.

While watching the first video, did you feel as if it was shot sometime during the 80s? It seemed like a pretty cheesy looking job opening advertisement. For the woman who wants the job, do you think she’ll get it? If she does, will you be watching her generated video content?