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Here is a blog I came across the other day. It features pictures of PassiveAggressiveNotes. For example, if you have ever lived with roommates, there has probably been a time when you have had to leave a post-it note somewhere, letting your room mates know how frustrated or annoying they are. Actually, I think the best way to explain the content on this site is to show some examples.

Example 1



Hopefully, you get the picture. Something that I noticed right off the bat is how many comments these pictures receive. We’re talking over a hundred comments for most of these images. Apparently, people love to try and figure out the meaning and purpose behind the note. At any rate, I thought it was an interesting site that was worthy of sharing.

JJot Pushes Out New Version logoJjot has pushed out a new version of their lightning fast, note taking software. The new version now has a visual indicator which lets you know if your note is publicly shared, or not. You can now ‘pop-out‘ notes to their own browsing window for easier note taking.

You can now determine if your note is public or not

Have you ever wanted to edit just one note, in its own window, and not have your entire Jjot noteboard open in your browser? Well, now you can. Just click the menu in the title bar of your note, and select the new option “pop-out.” Your note will then open in its own window. You can edit it and maximize it like usual, and it will save itself every few seconds. Feel free to close your main Jjot noteboard in your browser if you want to; the popped-out note will stay open.

If you have no idea what JJot is, be sure to check out my full fledged review, Jjot Review – Take Notes In A Flash

Jjot Review – Take Notes In A Flash

Jjot LogoMore and more people are devoting more and more time online. Remembering this and remembering that is becoming increasingly difficult, but by using a note taking service such as Jjot, your online world can become a bit more manageable.


The Jjot team is made up of the founder, Phil Crosby, and a few different hackers. Jjot is, simply put, a note taking service and nothing more which allows it to be lightning quick. Jjot is powered by Mootools, a powerful javascript framework and Amazon’s giant computer network. Other projects you may have used that have Phil Crosby written all over them are Ninjawords, Breadcrumbs and InstallPad.

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