Productivity Maxed In The Middle Of The Night

I’m beginning to think that the years I spent working 9PM to 5AM Eastern on the night crew shift at the grocery store has ruined me. It’s been over a year since I left that lifestyle and yet, in the middle of the night is when I’m most productive.

I’ve always been a night person. I hate getting up early and by early I mean 8, 9 AM. When I start my work day at 7 or 8 AM, I feel like a zombie. By noon, I want to take a nap and if I fall asleep in my La-Z-Boy, I won’t be getting up for a while thereby ruining any chance of getting done early.

The middle of the night is nice. People are gone or asleep and the tasks I’m working on have my full attention. The jams are maxed out in my headphones and I’m in the zone. It’s when I get the (best) most work done.

Is it a healthy work style? Probably not, but damn, it’s productive for me.