Yahoo And Google Social Networks Round 2

In a recent blog post, I described the way I am trying to converge my online presence, as I am beginning to go through social network fatigue. Thankfully Google and Yahoo get the gist and are working on two new social networks which hope to combine a user’s online presence onto one page. Their first attempts, Orkut and Yahoo360 have failed, with the exception of Orkut which actually has a strong following in Brazil.

Google sponsored a project last year at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute that was designed to “rethink and reinvent online social networking,” the Google Operating System blog reported. The site also has screenshots. Dubbed “Socialstream,” the service would be more like a unified social network that would allow someone to have accounts on multiple services but centralized contacts in one location.

On Yahoo’s side, there is a project called Mosh. Check out this job description for a summer intern spot at Yahoo on a “cool new social network product.” According to the post, Yahoo’s looking for someone with lots of friends on MySpace and Facebook and who is “damn funny.”

I would love to see either one of these new social networking services actually see the light of day. It’s a breath of fresh aire to see that companies are beginning to realize the potential behind social convergence.

Social Networking Land Masses

ValleyWag.Com Silicon Valleys Premiere Gossip SourceOver the weekend, Valleywag posted a pretty interesting graphic which showed which social networks were being used the most (by country) across the world according to Alexa.

According to the graphic, the U.S. primarily uses three different social networking services, Friendster, Myspace and finally Facebook. Myspace seems to be the service of choice for Australians while Canadians prefer Facebook.

What I find interesting about this data is that, some of the social networking services that failed to gain any traction in one country, ended up being cultural icons in others.

Check out the data set including the full image here.