Nasa TV To Air Solar Eclipse Live From China

At 6 A.M. EST Nasa TV will begin to stream live video of the solar eclipse which will be taking place today. The event is scheduled for 6 – 8:15 a.m. EST and will contain Live Solar Eclipse Coverage from China (the period of totality is 7:08 -7:10 a.m.)

The last time I saw a total solar eclipse was when I was in middle school. What an awesome event to witness first hand. Especially if you live in an area of totality. Have you ever witnessed a total solar eclipse?


The live NasaTV Stream does not appear to be working for me. However, here are two other Live sources of the event.

Exploratorium Stream

Stream of Telescope Only photos

Space Shuttle Liftoff As Seen From Above

These images may not be new to you since they have been in circulation since 2006 in viral emails. However, these images are new to me and I thought I’d share them since they have yet to grace the front page of this site. These two images were taken in 2006 by a WB-57 chase plane Initially, it was thought that these images were taken from the ISS or International Space Station, but it turns out that was simply a rumor. At any rate, enjoy!

Space Shuttle As Seen From Near Space


Shuttle Image Number 2