Secret Life Of A Blog Post


The folks over at sure know how to come up with interesting InfoGraphics which turn complicated datasets into beautiful visual aids. This is no exception. has put together a nifty InfoGraphic of how a blog post travels the interweb. The graphic starts off with a post being written and then published on a blog. The blogging service then pings servers letting the search engines know you have provided new content to crawl. Next, your post is crawled by search engines, data miners and the obligatory text scrapers. Then, the post content makes it’s way towards ad servers that serve ads based on the keywords that are found within the post.

Aggregators then take your blog post and send it out to human reader. Once your post is out on the web, social bookmarking takes over. At this point, people who find your blog post may comment or write their own post about the first post and the entire process starts over again.

The blogosphere explained in an elegant fashion. Does anyone know if Wired sells posters of their infographics?