Kiki James Leather Journal

KikiJames, a company based in London specialized in creating various hand made journals as well as diaries, guest books, address books, wallets and purses, etc. The journal that I picked up was a chocolate brown classic wrap journal. The journal is made out of Italian bridle leather yet it is smooth to the touch. Size wise, it’s about as big as a small book (4½”x3″). This particular journal is filled with 64 empty pages with no lines which enables you to doodle, writing down notes, pictures, etc. In my own opinion, the paper has an old fashion yellowish tint to it.

The only thing keeping me from using this Journal on a regular basis is the smell. My leather coat smells nice and I’ve smelled other forms of leather that don’t smell that bad but this particular piece of leather has a potent smell that I don’t agree with. It is very hard to explain exactly what it smells like. It is a combination of general leather and something else. That something else is what I don’t like.

This means I have a journal that I won’t be using and thus, would like to give away to anyone who is interested. All you have to do to qualify for the give away is to comment on this blog post. Then, after a few days I’ll announce the winner and send it off to you.