LocateTV Working With Joost?

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After Joost announced that it was opening it’s doors to the public, I wondered if LocateTV carried programming information for programs that were featured on Joost. So, I sent LocateTV an inquiring email. They responded by saying that it was definitely a good idea. However, it was not one of their priorities at the moment.

The Locate team have a very large number of platforms to cover and the goal is indeed complete coverage, but priority at the moment are those sites that have shows in demand/big audiences. Joost, while having a lot of buzz, has a small audience and in fact has relatively little content that is both unique to it and commanding a big audience.

So until Joost becomes the equivalent of in home cable, don’t expect LocateTV to be carrying programming information for them anytime soon.

Joost Goes Live With Public Beta

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Joost has officially launched it’s public beta. This means that you no longer need a special invite in order to use the service. It must be stated however that Joost is still a BETA product, so be weary of whatever bugs or quirky UI stuff you may encounter. This version of Joost does contain a couple of user interface enhancements such as search and better navigation across videos in the site. But what may be the biggest offering is the Joost API, which is now open for developers to create third-party applications. So expect to see numerous Joost based widgets popping up on websites in the near future.

I wonder if LocateTV can tell me when programs will be aired on Joost. I’ll have to look into that. In the meantime, if you want to watch an interview that was conducted with the CEO of Joost, check it out on NewTeeVee