Describe Your Groove

My Blogging GrooveThe other night, I was listening to my favorite talk radio program, Coast 2 Coast AM and George Noory took a phone call from a guy that was a professional bowler. During the phone call, the caller described a famous bowler who described the feeling of being in the groove, also known as being in the zone. This famous bowler described the feeling of being in the groove as a warm, fuzzy feeling in his chest.

Anytime this bowler would experience this feeling, he would bowel a perfect game. I have noticed myself during a few blogging sessions of feeling like being in the zone. During those times of feeling like I’m on top of the world has produced some of my best writing. It’s almost a natural high feeling, making me think I am invincible or something.

At any rate, what I would like to know from you is what it feels like when you catch yourself in the groove. What sort of emotions or physical feelings do you attribute to this feeling and what were the results of your work after the feeling goes away?