Time To Pimp Your Webhost

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All too often, folks who operate their own blog or website take the opportunity to ridicule their web host when things don’t go as planned. I’d like to change that mentality and actually say some great things about my particular host. When I started this blog back in May of 2007, I typed in a few keywords into Google and came across AnHosting.

When I discovered these guys, I didn’t know a thing about them. After browsing around the webhosting-talk forums, I found a couple of forum threads praising these guys, so I decided to purchase a webhosting account through them. I’m hosting on the All Inclusive Mega Plan (for 1 year) which costs me $83.40 per year. That comes out to being about $6.95 a month which is not bad at all. This plan included Cpanel, 15 gigs of space, a huge amount of bandwidth and all that jazz.

Since I purchased my account in May, I’ve experienced only one major downtime episode. This was because AnHosting switched data centers which is completely understandable if you ask me. Other than that outage, my site has been offline a few times every now and then, but within a few minutes or so, it comes back online. This could be a problem on my end, or my actual site going offline, I don’t know. At any rate, AnHosting has been a very reliable and responsive hosting company.

Sure, I’m not good enough to grace the servers of MediaTemple, but good webhosting companies are hard to come by when you consider that anyone that can afford a payment of $30.00 per month for a reseller account can be a webhost. So far, AnHosting has definitely won me over in an impressive fashion and if this keeps up, I’ll be renewing the account in no time.

By the way, AnHosting has a really sweet Christmas deal going on where you can purchase a hosting account for only $4.95 per month instead of the $6.95 I paid. Also included with their new accounts is double everything. Double the bandwidth, double the space, double the domains on one account. (Man I feel like I screwed myself) The deal ends on December 26th. So if you were thinking of moving from your current provider, this would be a good time at a good price to do so.

Attenda Picks Up Miomi.com Hosting Deal


Attenda Limited (www.attenda.net), the Always On Managed Services Company, today announced that it has signed a new 3 year contract to host and manage Miomi.com.

Recently named as one of Microsoft’s five UK tech companies to watch in 2008 and heralded as the UK’s answer to Skype and YouTube, Miomi.com has the ambition to democratise time and history by capturing the entire
world’s memories online.

Miomi is a new website that offers a completely new way of viewing and sharing content on the Internet by enabling users to browse through time and make a personal mark on history. Miomi is unique in that it allows people to make history by uploading details of their lives (including photos, videos, audio) as ‘moments’ which they can then link into timelines to tell a story. Featuring content from Microsoft Encarta(c), Wikipedia and multiple news sources, it provides historical and contemporary content that allows users to see their whole life in ‘real world’ context against a global backdrop of world events.

Attenda is implementing and managing the infrastructure to support Miomi’s business critical website applications. The solution is based upon Microsoft technologies with an architecture designed to rapidly scale and flex, in the future, as site usage increases.

Already named one of the UK’s top 25 Web 2.0 startups, Miomi is funded by Brightstation Ventures and is now heralded as the UK’s answer to Skype and YouTube.

Commenting on the contract with Attenda, Jonny Crowe, CEO, Miomi says,

“Our business has been founded on innovation and is set to grow rapidly, so we needed a partner that could support us as we grow.” He continues, “We chose Attenda as our strategic partner for their reputation as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, with an impressive client list and proven ability to deliver highly available, highly secure web applications managed services against a business-led service level agreement.”