Please Don’t Let Us Be Alone in The Galaxy

When man or woman looks up into the sky on a clear, crisp, night, what do they think when they see a horizon filled with stars?

Stars in the night sky

Stars in the night sky

Surely it’s not the fact that we’re all alone on this blue/white planet called Earth? So far, no concrete evidence has been discovered that shows we’re not only alone on this planet, but in our entire galaxy. I don’t know about you, but if we’re really all alone on this planet, I don’t have much hope. There is too much evidence in this day and age that suggests humans are more apt at destroying themselves than progressing to the next stage of civilization.

It’s a disappointing realization but one none the less. What I wouldn’t give to have a UFO land on the front lawn of the White House and showcase power and might that forces humans to realize we are nothing as a species compared to an alien life form. Yeah, perhaps it’s not the best of things to hope for, but if humans as a species don’t realize we are nothing compared to something else beyond the grips of Earth’s atmosphere, we’ll destroy ourselves. It seems like it’s a series of events bound to happen.

Until then, if it’s a clear sky at night, don’t look up and think about how alone we are amongst the stars, but wonder what lies beyond Earth’s atmosphere. There’s no way we can be the only somewhat intelligent species in the galaxy. There’s too many stars and potential life┬ábearing planets in the goldilocks region to support such a theory.

At the very least, I sure as hell don’t want to think we’re all alone in the galaxy. What a scary notion!