FireFox Saved Me!


Early in 2007, I finally managed to file for my first credit report since they passed the law allowing for one free credit report per year. Out of the number of institutions available for filing my credit report, I chose to go with Equifax. I was pretty impressed with how fast it took for them to process my information. Once they were finished, I was able to see my credit report online. And, in case you were wondering, my credit score is around seven or eight hundred which I hear is pretty good.

This year, I have yet to file for my credit report but I received a piece of email the other day from Equifax telling me that I was required to fill out a particular form they had sent me.


Well, I wasn’t in a hurry to open up any emails from them but when I finally did, here is what I saw.

Equifax Scamjob

Looks convincing doesn’t it? Well, after thinking about it for awhile, I decided to click the link to see what it was all about. The result? The first image you see in this post. This is the first time I’ve ever seen this notification which took me by surprise. After receiving the update, I did a Google search on the scam and yep, this was an Equifax phishing email.

So not only did I want to warn others, but I wanted to give a big thank you to the built in Phishing filter in FireFox. You saved me bro!

Bloglines Impersonated By Spammers

BlogLines Logo

If you received an email from Bloglines over the weekend, you can discount it as spam. According to Bloglines, a little less than 1,000 email messages were sent to individuals over the weekend. The email contained recommendations to various posts on a Chinese blog which were sent via the “send a post to a friend” feature on Bloglines. Many people may have thought this to be an official email as the signature of these emails contained the text “The Bloglines Team”. As it turns out, no one from the official Bloglines Team sent out any of these emails.

Bloglines has since banned the user’s IP address and has suspended the “send email” feature to monitor the situation.

Bloglines sends out email to our subscribers for purposes specific to operating Bloglines (registration verification, change password, change of terms of service and other policies, significant product announcements, etc) Most product announcements can be found on the Bloglines News Feed. We take your privacy carefully and will protect our customers from spam. -Eric Engleman and the Bloglines Team