Selling Babies On Ebay

According to a story published out of Berlin, Germany via Reuters, police apprehended a 23 year old woman after she tried to sell her 8 month old son on Ebay. The mother told police it was a joke, but I don’t think the police thought it was funny. By the way, the Ebay auction read as follows:

Baby — collection only. Offer my nearly new baby for sale because it cries too much. Male, 70 cm long.

The opening bid was $1.57 with no bidders during the two hours the auction was online before being yanked off shortly there after. Perhaps the crying aspect of the deal put people off from bidding. Would you buy someone on eBay, let alone a baby?

Would You Pay For An Invite?

In a recent post, I described a conversation I had with my father concerning invitations and if there was a business opportunity in the making by perhaps, selling these invitations. Here is what was discussed.

I asked my dad if he thought that perhaps, there would be some sort of business opportunity surrounding invitations to these new services. Allow people to bid on an invite or pay a low price. My father responded by saying “people won’t pay for something that is free, or that they could obtain by some other means.”

Turns out, my father was wrong. While browsing around on Ebay, I came across a few auctions in which the item being sold was an invitation to GrandCentral, the new service which was acquired by Google. Here is a link to an auction that has already ended as you can see, there are other auctions taking place, asking for as much as $10.00 for the invitation.

Now I can’t wait to tell my dad that people are willing to pay money for something that really has no monetary value. Would you be willing to pay for an invite?