The Web 2.0 Bubble Video Pops

The popular web 2.0 bubble video created by the folks at has been taken off line due to a DMCA take down notice. Based on what I’ve read, the video featured a number of photographs that the video producers did not have the permission of publishing. One of those photographs featured in the video was of Valleywag’s Owen Thomas.

Owen Thomas

This photo of Owen Thomas was taken by a person known as Fetching on Judging by the content within Fetching’s post and the associated comments, I think it’s a safe bet that in some form or fashion, Fetching has helped to file the DMCA take down notice. It’s not known for sure just who filed the claim, but if RichterScales used a series of photographs without permission, I have to agree with the stance that Fetching has taken.

Richterscales has said that they will be redoing the video to highlight the source of every image used.

We don’t know who filed the takedown or why they did so without first talking to us, but we would like to talk about what it would take for you to cancel your request.

It probably was impolite not to offer full credit in the video in the first place. But those who called us thieves and jokingly threatened us with physical violence were also being impolite. Let’s keep this civil, folks.

I’m not sure if the Web 2.0 bubble video will ever return. But if it does, I don’t think it will be the same.