Review Of The 23rd Ohio Bigfoot Conference

The 23rd annual Ohio Bigfoot conference hosted by Don Keating has come and gone. I didn’t expect the turn out to be as good as last year when Bob Gimlin showed up but alas, about 600-645 people were in attendance for this years event. I wasn’t too impressed with this years event mostly because of the speakers. The speakers that kept my interest the best was Ron Morehead as he explained what happened during the course of time that the Sierra Sounds were being recorded, some of Dr. Esteban Sarmiento’s presentation and last but not least, Eric Altman, director of the PA Bigfoot Society.

I found myself falling asleep a couple of times during some of the other presentations throughout the day mostly because I didn’t have a clue as to what the speaker was talking about. Lack of knowledge on my part but the dry speaking and lack of humor killed my attention span. Out of all the presentations, Eric Altman’s was the most interesting because it dealt with sighting reports that his group was either currently investigating or has investigated over the past 2 years. I wouldn’t mind if somehow, an entire hour or two was dedicated just for folks to get up and tell their story of their eyewitness account or could at least get a few more investigators to speak on what they have discovered via their own research. Although I doubt very many people would be willing to share their sighting reports to an audience of 600 people.

Unfortunately, Don Keating didn’t present on his investigations into the Ohio Bigfoot over the course of the year which is disappointing because I’m unable to make it to the Monthly meetings that he holds. It would have given everyone a heads up as to what’s been going on in Ohio Bigfoot wise. There was also some technical difficulties that at times, made it very annoying to be part of the audience thanks to the interference projected from the microphone. During one of the sessions, there was a loud audible clicking noise that we had to listen to for the duration of his presentation. It was easy to drown out after a while but still, made it hard to focus on the information he was giving out.

23rd ohio bigfoot conference

Attendees Starting To Fill The Room

Number 24 for Don is up in the air but if he decides to go through with it, I hope the speakers are geared towards more sharing of either personal sightings or accounts, sharing of information via their investigations or just a sampling of recent investigations that person or group has been on.

One of the reasons why I enjoy the Bigfoot conferences so much is because of the substantial discounted rates that the Salt Fork State Park lodge offers. For Friday and Saturday the rates were only $79.00 while staying Sunday was only $29.00. While I look forward to the Bigfoot conference every year, I’m equally content with enjoying a mini vacation in a beautiful park for a few days with my lady friend. Unfortunately, we were not able to hike our usual spots because of the miserable rainy weather over the course of the weekend. In fact, it’s been so wet that a lot of the plants that normally have giant flowers this time of year have yet to bloom or were just starting to. However, we were able to hike close to the lake before the start of the conference and before a heavy thunderstorm came rolling in.

Salt Fork Lake

Salt Fork Lake

Overall, I enjoyed my time at Salt Fork State Park despite the miserable weather. After all, I beat my fiancée 5 times in a row in air hockey (I don’t think she enjoyed that part of the vacation). I also won four incredible pieces of Bigfoot artwork for my office wall for $40.00 in an auction during intermission. I’ll be showing those pictures in a follow-up post. The event itself was free to attend and I got to meet up with a couple of old friends. Hope to see news soon of a 24th conference.

Salt Fork And The 20th Annual BigFoot Conference

Salt Fork State Park Entrance

First off, special thanks to Don Keating of the E.O.B.I.C. for putting on yet another memorable BigFoot conference. This was the 20th time Don has hosted the conference and this time, at least 415 people showed up for the event. In fact, many people ended up having to stand in the conference room with some members of the audience having to sit near the room entrance in order to encompass the speakers. The conference included speakers such as Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, M.K. Davis and Eric Altman. I thought the conference was really well done.

There were quite a few rumors that this conference may be the last one Don puts on, but until we hear otherwise, that is not the case. All indications that I witnessed during this years conference point to another one being put together for 2009. However, Don now has to deal with the fact that there may not be enough room at the conference room at Salt Fork State Park to do the conference. If he ends up hosting it somewhere else, the costs go up exponentially. How Don will treat this double edged sword is beyond me, but my girlfriend and I really look forward to attending the conference each year while also staying at the lodge as a mini vacation for a long weekend. If the event is hosted elsewhere, I’m not sure we’ll be able to afford staying at Salt Fork any longer.

So that’s my mini review of the conference. On Sunday, after Don Keating gave the group a guided tour of sightings that have taken place at Salt Fork over the past few years, my girlfriend and I decided to do a bit of hiking. We walked a trail known as Morgan’s Knob. This trail is a loop which provides walkers with an excellent opportunity to get a grip with the type of terrain that the park has to offer. Hills, plenty of trees, ravines, cliffs, mini waterfalls, you name it, it’s part of this trail. At some points, you feel like you’re hiking a trail in the Pacific North West. After hiking a trail such as Morgan’s Knob, you get the idea as to why it would be pretty easy for a creature such as Sasquatch to move around the park unnoticed.

The following photos as well as videos are from our hiking trip into the woods. These are only a few of the photos from the gallery, if you would like to see the entire photo set, click here. Here’s to hoping that there will be a 21st bigfoot conference/expo at Salt Fork State Park. Continue reading

My WordCamp Dallas Media

Welcome To Frisco Texas

Phew, finally finished uploading my photos to Flickr and then going through them one by one and providing a short description for the ones that needed it. All in all, there are about 40 images. Some of them detail WordCamp Dallas while others detail the hotel’s that I stayed in along with various other random images. I also have a couple of YouTube videos that you may or may not be interested in which are all available to watch on this post.

With all of that out of the way, I can begin to write up my own WordCamp Experience.

Video showcasing the setup inside the chambers of the Frisco City hall before the first presentation.

Short Clip of Jonathan Baileys presentation on content theft and copyrighting.

Short clip showcasing the WordPress Podcast being recorded live during Sunday Morning.

360 Degree view of an intersection in Frisco Texas. Reminds me of Texas Motor Speedway

Night Time view from the 12th floor of the Marriott hotel looking at the highway next to DFW airport.

WordCamp Dallas This Weekend

The week has finally arrived where I can tell folks that I will be going to Dallas to attend WordCamp this weekend. WordCamp Dallas is an event that was orchestrated by Charles Stricklin, host of the WordPress Podcast.

WordCamp Dallas

Tickets cost $20.00 each and are still available. The event is located at the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center 6101 Frisco Square Blvd Frisco, Texas 75034. The first day of the event is on Saturday, March 29 and begins at 930AM and lasts until 5PM. Sunday, the event begins at 9:30AM and ends at 4PM. There will be an ATTENDEE only event that will take place on Friday evening. So be sure to purchase a ticket ASAP so you can get the 411.

For all of the information regarding the conference including links to register and purchase your ticket, visit the official Dallas WordCamp website.

Looking forward to meeting Ronald, Ptah, Lorelle, Matt, Cory of iThemes, Charles, and the rest of the gang.

Going To WordCamp Dallas – Are You?

The other day, I happen to purchase a ticket to WordCamp Dallas. The ticket cost me $20 and the event will mark the first conference I have ever been able to attend. The event is being organized by Charles Stricklin, host of the WordPress Podcast. If you want to know more about what WordCamp is, check out the post I wrote for called What Is WordCamp?

The event will be featured by some interesting speakers/speeches such as:

  • Matt Mullenweg on WordPress 2.5 and Beyond
  • 45 Ways To Power Up Your Blog by John Pozadzides
  • How to prevent, detect and stop content theft by Jonathan Bailey
  • Cali Lewis and Neal Campbell
  • C’mon, Let’s Talk! Building influence and interaction with blogging by Liz Strauss
  • WordPress Power Tips by Lorelle Van Fossen
  • SEO For Bloggers by Chris Smith
  • Aaron Brazell
  • A panel of people to discuss the business of blogging: Mark Ghosh, Liz Strauss, and Aaron Brazell
  • Testing With WordPress by Jacob Santos

I’m pretty stoked about going to an event where people want to meet me and vice versa. I’ll be able to meet Ronald Huereca in person as well as, Charles Stricklin, Mark Ghosh, Lorelle Van Fossen, Matt Mullenweg and others. I plan on taking quite a few photos along with some video clips of the event. If I can manage to get a voice recorder, I also plan on getting a couple of interviews completed and then turning that into a WordPress Weekly episode.

If you are attending the event, let me know.

Live Coverage Of New Media Expo

New MEdia Expo Logo

TalkShoe will be exhibiting and attending the Podcast & New Media Expo, Sept 28-30 in Ontario, CA (near Los Angeles). They will be holding a continuous live podcast (Click here for information) from the show floor with special guest iJustine Live. If you happen to attend the event, make sure to visit Booth #415 as that is where TalkShoe will be located.

The 3rd Annual New Media Expo is an annual convention that educates individuals and companies about how to produce high-quality audio and video digital content, grow a loyal audience, and market or monetize that content in creative ways.

The Expo is a “prosumer” and corporate event that brings together influential digital media creators, podcasters and content developers to cover the complete range of creation techniques, business objectives and future trends.

The Expo is also a major networking event where content creators can share ideas and build partnerships.

If you are attending the event or if you will somehow be covering the expo via Twitter or some other means, please let us know by leaving us a comment.

Web 2.0 Summit Next Month

Web20 Summit LogoIt’s that time of year again where the folks that pioneer the web get together for tea and biscuits to discuss new ideas, new opportunities, and give a general direction as to where the internet may be heading. The Web 2.0 Summit will take place next month from October 17-19 in San Francisco, California.

The even has an all star lineup of confirmed speakers such as Seth Goldstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim O’Reilly and Dr. Evil himself, Rupert Murdoch.

For the past three years, the Web 2.0 Summit has explored ideas which have already begun to slip into the mainstream. This year, we’ll highlight news from unusual suspects—the enthusiasts and dreamers touching the edges of spaces not yet conquered by the Web, as well as established players who are looking to expand into new and previously unimaginable realms.

How is the Web infiltrating new beachheads in areas we never thought it could—or would? What are the majors doing at the edge, at the loony “twenty percent time” at Google, in the labs at MSN, IBM, etc., that might inform entirely new applications, opportunities, even threats? What are the edge startups promising to redefine the center? What are the things we wish or know the Web can do, but so far, is failing us? What are the edges in terms of policy, politics, and morality?

I would appreciate it if those of you who are going to be at the event and are considering using Twitter for your coverage to let me know so I can inform my readers. I’d love to go, but I don’t have the luxury and I know there are many others in the same boat. I’d also like to know of any blogs or sites that are going to cover this event as it happens. At least that way, it would almost feel as if those who couldn’t make it, were actually in attendance.

The WordCamp Report

The WordCamp Report

If you are a WordPress user, you are definitely going to want to bookmark this site. The WordCamp Report is specifically reporting on everything going on at WordCamp. I can’t attend because I live in Ohio but the WordCamp Report blog should keep me informed as if I were there. Special thanks to the blogs authors, Patrick Havens and Charles Stricklin for keeping those who couldn’t attend up to date.