Sky Guide on the iPhone Is Awesome

It’s the beginning of August when the angle of the sun, color of the clouds, and my garden signal the end of Summer. These summer nights are the last in which I’ll be able to enjoy the night sky in comfortable weather conditions.

One application on my iPhone that’s helped me enjoy the night sky even more this summer is Sky Guide. Using this app on my iPhone, I’m able to look at the night sky in a new way. It shows constellations and the orientation of the night sky in real-time.

I’m able to see constellations of stars I didn’t know existed. It’s a fantastic app I recommend to anyone who owns an iPhone and enjoys looking at the night sky.

NetWebApp Web 2.0 Directory LogoFrom the guys who brought you WebScriptLabs comes NetWebApp. NetWebApp is a web 2.0 sites and services directory with style.

NetWebApp features a clean, crisp design which makes browsing around the directory a breeze.  Entries are organized by category, with each category being accessed via the top of the page. Each entry in the directory contains a link to the site or service in question, tags, a user based rating system, date the entry was posted, and a small description. Entry pages also contain a comment form for users to discuss the site or service mentioned on that page.

This is what the site looks like

One of the cool things about directories such as this one is that, if they are updated on a regular basis, their Latest Apps RSS Feed becomes a valuable source of keeping you up to date with what’s new. If your keeping tabs on the bleeding edge, make sure you subscribe to feeds that contain information such as the latest entries into the directory.